Mac McKellar

President Nona Scientific Laboratory

Our team was fortunate enough to have Mary as our keynote speaker for our Florida sales meeting. As a company calling on long-term care facilities, Mary’s story impacted everyone in the room. There were tears, laughs, motivation and more. I would highly recommend having Mary present to your organization or for any special events. She truly is one of a kind and I’m proud to call her a friend.

Teepa Snow, World-renowned Dementia care expert, Owner, Positive Approach, LLC

Teepa Snow

World-renowned Dementia care expert
Owner, Positive 
Approach, LLC

"Mary Daniel is an exceptionally skilled speaker and story teller. Her ability to provide audiences with complex information and concepts in an understandable and emotionally appealing way, makes her a terrific presenter for virtual webinars or educational sessions for a wide range of potential learners.

Mary uses her personal experience to guide the audience through the world of dementia. She uses her care partnering story to address common challenges of transitioning into new roles and relationships while sustaining those that make life worth living when you care for someone living with dementia.

Her remarkable willingness to hold true to her primary goal of staying connected with her husband is both a testament to her flexibility and excellent capacity for getting something to happen, when it seems impossible, not only for herself, but for many, by empowering others to act in a spirit of cooperation.

This is a great message for our times.I have had the pleasure of working with Mary on multiple occasions and I strongly recommend Mary Daniel as a speaker."

Governor Ron DeSantis

"Mary Daniel has been fantastic to speaking to the issue of isolation, she personalizes what I knew from the very beginning was an unavoidable consequence of our protective measures. She has helped lead the Florida Re-opening Task Force. She showed she would go through lengths to be with her husband, why shouldn’t we go to whatever lengths we could with policy so people like Mary can be with those they love.

She was a great inspiration and I want to thank her for her hard work."

Governor Ron DeSantis
Jill Vitale Aussem testimonial for Mary S Daniel

Jill Vitale-Aussem

President & CEO, The Eden Alternative

"Mary Daniel is a fierce advocate and a unifying force in forging a path forward in the midst of chaos. Through engaging stories and deep emotional connection with her audience, Mary galvanizes people and readies them to drive the change that’s needed in the world."

Dr. Kevin O'Neill

Geriatrician and Rosecastle Medical Director

“Mary Daniel has shown a true passion for helping family members of senior citizens navigate the journey to finding long-term care solutions to meet their needs.

As a geriatrician, it is refreshing and wonderful for me to see someone advocate so strongly for this vulnerable population, and truly step up to support them in their time of need.” 

Dr. Kevin O'Neill, Geriatrician and Rosecastle Medical Director